About Us

A Melbourne - based flower specialist.

We have always been fascinated with flowers for as long as we can remember. We see beauty in every petal, every leaf and every burr. Just as each flower is uniquely beautiful, we believe that the definition of beauty is personal and diverse.

It is a privilege to be able to assist people in expressing their love, to be inspired by their smile and to remind them that everyone is their kind of beautiful.

So tell us, how would you like your bouquet?

Meet Our Team



Co-founder & Florist

She is a dream chaser. Her passion for animals and flowers has led her to where she is, a full-time veterinarian and a part-time florist. Maple and peonies are her major crush.



Co-founder & Florist

She currently runs our Indonesian branch at Surabaya. Her distinct feminine touch and cheerful personality are clearly expressed in her arrangements. Head to @fleurdelis.sby and you'll know what we're talking about.



Co-founder & Florist

She is a little miss perfectionist, always paying attention to the most intricate details. Hand lettering and pastel palettes are a few of her favourite things. She is currently undertaking a Certificate III in floristry.